Want a good read? Check out Brian Freeman

Brian Freeman write outstanding thrillers. He’s written fifteen such books, including Spilled Blood, which won the best hardback thriller of the year award by the International Thriller Writers. He excels in depicting complex yet relatable characters. He makes the reader care about the detectives who are his protagonists. Here’s the link to his homepage. 

As a writer, I greatly respect how quickly and distinctively he introduces a new character. Here are some examples:

  1. He was gangly and tall, and his uniform was baggy at the shoulders. His blond hair was cut as if his mother still sat him in a chair and clipped him with a bowl over his head. He kept picking at his long chin as if he had a pimple that wouldn’t go away. Serena didn’t think he could be more than twenty years old, and she realized that he was both terribly earnest and terribly nervous.
  2. Like Serena, she was in her midthirties. Her blond hair was cut in a short bob, a functional cut for a stay-at-home mom, quick out of the shower and off to Peter’s soccer practice. She didn’t need much makeup, but she wore silver earrings and a slim silver chain around her neck. She had on a stylish Kuhlman shirt with the cuffs folded back.
  3. Stride turned and looked up into the olive-colored face of a very tall man who wore silver sunglasses even in the middle of the night inside a casino. His black hair stood up, a flattop cut to a perfect one-inch height….Gerard wore a navy suit whose fabric glistened under the lights. A burgundy handkerchief, embroidered with the Oasis logo, peeked out from his breast pocket. When he shook hands, his skin felt like the smooth leather of a hundred-dollar wallet.
  4. She spotted Tierney in the baggage claim area, standing apart from the crowd, a cell phone wedged between her shoulder and her ear. She was stick-thin and pretty, with a loose pink top that let her breasts sway and rose-colored tight pants, but other than her Vegas body, she wasn’t making any effort to look glamorous. Her brown hair hung limply to her shoulders in a mess of curls. She hadn’t put on makeup or jewelry, except for a gold bracelet that she twisted nervously around her wrist with her other hand. The whites of her eyes were lined with red

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