Christopher Howell–a fine poet

I’m going to break from my usual practice of posting snippets of my work. On February 6 our little mountain village had the privilege of hosting a poetry reading headlined by Christopher Howell, winner of numerous fellowships and prestigious prizes. We were astounded by the beauty and the power of what he shared. By way of thanking him, I shall post one of his poems–hoping that’s okay with you, Mr. Howell.

“Another Letter to the Soul” by Christopher Howell

I think you are among the flowers
that spill from walls and urge
the hummingbirds to drink and drink
from their fantastic hair.
Each day I believe more firmly
in this life of yours among the brilliance
that thrusts and blooms on into the blue
foyer of the sun. In this way
I understand my own flowering
as your shadow left advisedly
against the noise of loneliness
which would otherwise be your absence.
God love you more than dust, I pray
to the fireball lastness of descending light,
and keep you steady while the world
sways on its pins.
Shattered rock and silver rings, music
of the vibrant wood itself: how much matters
and by how intricate a moon?
I have put off from shore to think these
things, the wind right aft, the sail in blossom
toward the godly open certainty
that you are with me still
and joyful
as the small, doomed, brightly painted boat
that I must be.

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