Drip Torch–A novel about wildfires

With minimal sleep, food, and water, try dodging boulders and falling trees, careening on helicopters through smoky turbulence, and approaching pines and firs exploding in flames, all to cut hotline on precipitous terrain. Add to those challenges having to confront attitudes about women while falling in love, and you’ve got my 85,000-word literary/adventure novel, Drip Torch.

Mad River Engine Crew rookie Eileen Richey pushes herself with extra workouts, her quest to excel a means to bury her past. Now surrounded mostly by men, she’s declared a moratorium against them. Just up the hill from her base, hotshot crewman Jeremiah Wilson has danced plenty with fire. Now without a girlfriend, he looks forward to the 1988 season because he can join his ribald buddies pursuing a different kind of flame—women, of course.

But as wildfires often defy mortal efforts to contain them, so, too, do they undermine the intentions of both Jeremiah and Eileen, uniting and separating them in ways that neither plan.

Drip Torch authentically depicts the awesome spectacle of fire and the grueling efforts to control it, while containing humor and embedding an important theme as men bump into the real-world implications of how they think and speak about women. Through firefighters’ eyes and ears, Drip Torch also chronicles the actual story of the 1988 Yellowstone infernos that burned more than a million acres.

If you are now or ever have been a wildland firefighter, let me know if you’d like to have a copy of this manuscript. It’s in Word format, and I’d welcome your feedback. Reply to this post or drop me a line at rickegeorge75@gmail.com.  

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