The Distance from Home–A novel of suspense

children @ refugee campAfter Syrian refugee Nawar Renfro rejects a crass proposition from a good friend’s husband, she thinks she can forget about it. But she’s wrong. Within an hour, an unknown teenage girl lies dead, and all the work Nawar has done to rebuild her life crumbles. The sex traffickers responsible for the girl’s death want to eliminate her. The FBI wants her on their team, but her new American husband wants her to settle into safer pursuits.

Across the world at the Za’atari Refugee Camp, smugglers trick fourteen-year-old Lely into a journey to America, where a new “family” waits to adopt her. When Lely realizes their true intentions, she resists, but time is running out. While Nawar and the FBI stalk the traffickers from the refugee camp to the luxurious high-rises of Seattle, the day and the hour when Lely will be delivered to the highest bidder comes closer and closer.

There is no justice in the brutal remains of Syria. Can Nawar attain it in America for Lely and her refugee sisters?