Hijab–A novel of suspense

Nawar Abboud Renfro ignores the script one would expect a refugee craving a secure new life to follow.

But there is far more to Nawar than her new American husband knows.

When she agrees to spy on a man suspected of infidelity, a shocking death overturns any notion she has of a stable life. Soon afterward, two FBI agents pay her a visit, hinting they know all about her hidden past and recruiting her to join their mission—to stop the sex trafficking of Syrian teenage girls. Nawar never anticipates that accepting their invitation will put other lives at risk, or that it will force her to examine the wounds that war has inflicted on her soul. But as she and the agents pursue justice among the tents and trailers of the Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan as well as the luxury high-rises of Seattle, what she doesn’t expect is exactly what happens.