Traitor Kline–A novel of suspense

The morning after firefighting helicopter pilot Ed Kline’s friendship with a female hotshot crew foreman turns steamy, he receives a text from a phone number he’s never seen:

Bad thg 1 wkhelitack 1
I leve I die
Cops evry1 dies
Help L  47033012

Could the L mean his adult son Lewis?  You’re a hero, Lewis wrote to him before disappearing a year ago, but the country you fought for doesn’t exist.  Then a bad thg happens.  A group calling itself the PUMAs—Patriots United Militia of America—assassinates two Washington State senators while perpetrating a deadly armored truck robbery.  Searching in the face of death for a son who might be one of the killers, trying to escape them, or both, Ed flies his helicopter to a place he should never go and misleads the woman who has brought joy back to his life.  And if he finds the militia’s leader, he might lose the one last strand of self-control he has left.

In Traitor Kline‘s opening chapter Ed’s son Lewis faces a dangerous predicament that grows even more complicated when he discovers hidden information about the militia’s leader.  You can find out, too, by clicking here.